2021 Indie Games Week 4: Frog Fractions

I played Frog Fractions this week, free on itch.io, a quirky clever game about….well, about something.

I heard a lot about Frog Fractions in the past year since the DLC came out. For me personally the game didn’t quite live up to the hype, but it was solid and worth playing. Frog Fractions is the type of game that actively tries to break the mold of its genre and of any traditional game design. What starts off as a very simple flash game quickly devolves into a bizarre comedic adventure mashing up several classic genres in ridiculous ways. The writing is fun, but isn’t as clever or funny as it could have been, and the genre mashups are great ideas but sometimes overly arduous in what should be a relaxing to play game (the adventure game portion was truly an adventure game, in that I got immediately annoyed and looked up a walkthrough). I enjoyed my time overall with Frog Fractions, thankful that the developers kept their game short and concise in making it only about an hour long. It’s fun and free, so check it out! And if you like it a lot, check out the new DLC which adds a ton of new content to the game.



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