2021 Indie Games Week 22: Lilian — the beginning of the end —

Lilian — the beginning of the end was a fun micro game, about 10 minutes I’d say? It was weird, quirky, gay, ended in a fun unexpected way. I love games like this because….they’re just art pieces? It’s so quick it’s like stopping at a museum and looking at a painting for a few minutes. I want a museum of 5–10 minute indie games you can just stop and play. The art in this game was really cool and stood out. I enjoyed how the ending was just bizarre and over dramatic and a commentary on religion. It was ridiculous but still had good themes, which is something I always appreciate and can be hard to pull of. Overall, definitely check it out, it’s another solid queer game amongst many, but its short length pushes it onto a list of games you should check out for fun.



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