2021 Indie Games Week 16: Hand 2 Hand

2 min readApr 27, 2021

Hand 2 Hand is a western-stylized dungeon crawler where you go through randomized (I think) dungeons that look like sparsely decorated cantinas and fight banditos via rock paper scissors and a pistol.

The idea for this game is one of those simple but brilliant ones that feels so fun to play. The speed of the rock paper scissors has a subtle vibe that matches the feel of a western stand-off. The structure of it being a first person dungeon crawler works really well in combination with the rock paper scissors combat. The music is great and relaxing and it’s got a good art style, though a pretty basic one. Overall, the game is still very basic. It was made for a gamejam and hasn’t been in development for long, but it’s just such a good idea I hope it eventually becomes a lot more.

It’s got a lot of bugs, and it’s definitely not polished, but it’s free so check it out, and just at least appreciate the cool idea and how it’s been executed. I hope the developers stick with it and add a plot, a clear incremental increase in dungeon style and type, and turn it into a fully developed dungeon crawler. There’s a lot that can be added to or done with the rock paper scissors combat but at it’s core, the gameplay is just a lot of fun.