2021 Indie Games Week 15: Pom Gets Wi-Fi

Pom Gets Wi-Fi is a cute, funny, dog lovers kinda game by Brianna Lei. Pom, who is an asshole Pomeranian who just wants wi-fi, dies in a fire while surfing the internet and goes to dog heaven and proceeds to screw it up by trying to find a wif-fi signal. The game is silly, ridiculous, and fun. You can see inklings of Lei’s writing style and jokes that flourish in Butterfly Soup throughout the game. The fact that she made Pom Gets Wi-Fi at such a young age shows that she has a natural talent for comedic and character writing, something that’s incredibly hard and often lacking in games. Pom has personality, is full of memes and references, and is a self-centered jerk, but her dialogue never feels over the top or gets tiresome.

Pom Gets Wi-fi is definitely an entry level game, but the great writing, the pacing, and overall quality of the game shows Lei is a committed developer genuinely good work. The game itself is only around 45 minutes long, which felt like a good length for the amount of plot in it. If you haven’t played Butterfly Soup you’re missing out on one of the greatest games ever made. If you loved Butterfly Soup and want a fun short game by the same developer, definitely check out Pom Gets Wifi.



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